The Beginning

Where to start…

7th June 2018 – The founder of The Lesbian Talk Show, Sheena Lemos Ebersohn posted on her FB wall that she was looking for a new podcaster. The words literally jumped off the page to me “this is for you” – neon signs all flashing and pointing at the post.

She was after

“something uplifting, motivational, happy”

I knew I could do it, but the devil on my shoulder gave me doubts. What did I know about podcasting? What would I talk about? Would anyone be interested? I got cold feet and didn’t end up contacting Sheena until 21st June 2018 (summer solstice – which feels very significant to me). We chatted, I bounced an idea for Seize the Day off her, I roughed out a plan for 6-9 shows and decided to give it a go.

Sheena connected me with the incredible Suzie Carr, author, motivational speaker and podcaster, for any and all tips she could offer. I watched lots of you tube videos, including Pat Flynn‘s Beginners Guide to Podcasting. I tested out a show on Sheena on 18th July. She liked it and wanted it for her channel. The first show aired 26th July, a crazy 5 weeks after I decided to give it a go. I, literally, Seized the Day, and am loving it!!

Grab those opportunities, Seize the Day… you will feel incredible when you do! I certainly do and am enormously grateful that I did!